Visual Journaling

The cover of my first journal!!

My journal is made from a older childrens book that doesn't have glossy pages. I gesso over the pages to create a 'canvas' to create on. I also put gesso on the cover, added a picture of colorful eggs in a nest, ant then colored the background. I headed outdoors to a dead potted plant and took some of the stems. I tacky glued them onto the nest to add some texture.

I'm thinking that this page is something like "I know all my eggs are in one basket but these are no ordinary eggs..." or maybe " new eggs in old basket" What's your vote?

This was a play page to try out all the different things she had on hand for us to use. We just had to be brave and start drawing and painting with no plan in mind, scary! As far as art supplies it was an absolute candy land!! Every kind of markers you could imagine, pastels, neon wax pastels, gouache watercolors, the list goes on and on! If you can pick out the faces on the right and left, this was a lightweight modeling compound designed for use with mixed media projects. You just smashed them down on the page by smearing the edges, or something like that.
This randon act of art was like a 'license to kill, er I mean, license to thrill!"

This page I left part of the childrens book exposed. I painted the gesso on the page leaving the tree and the roots. Leaves were stenciled under the tree using Pan Pastels (they are incredibly soft, dust free chalks that leave vibrant color--something to add to my wish list.)The background was watercolored leaving stripes to journal on.

To write the journal page, Barb had me write a question with my dominant hand (right) and then answer the question with my non dominant hand (left) It supposedly taps into a different part of your brain and lets you answer with words flowing freely. Who knows, but I tried! Then I drew the old fashioned wrought iron fence on top of it all.


This is a favorite page. The caption reads "A Romantic Enters the World"  That's kind of how I feel!! Look at the scary monsters raging below as figure is oblivious to the cliff. I  painted the background with acrylics, added the images on paper and using water soluble wax pastels I blended the torn image into the background. Never worked with these before and really loved it. Torn paper creates the border, and little blueprints of several old churches make up the trees on the rocky ledge.
I still need to write on this one, suggestions??...any quote or saying come to mind when you see the page?? A thought or observation from you to prompt me???    

"Enthusiasm raised the artist above himself--- in an ordinary mood one would not have been able to accomplish many of things which enthusiams lends one, fire,,," Clara Schuman
The figure in the center is pieced together from different pictures, for example the skirt is an ariel view of a plot in the desert of some ancient society. I used pan pastels around the figure highlighted with metallic watercolor. The border is pieces cut from a map.

On the left page I left the doorway arch and window arch and dthe lady figure from the storybook and gesso'd the rest of the page. I added a picture of a dirty glacier as her skirt and a zipper in the window. Why not! The cobblestone courtyard is filled with the story of the picture added to the stones like cracks.

Another tree left from the storybook. If you look closely at the bottom left quarter of the page on the right you can see the image of the parrot in the tropical forest which inspired this page. The backround was watercolored and I used Gouache watercolors (they are in tubes and more like paint) to add plants and tree details.


  1. Cool!!Love it!! Anxious to see the rest of the journal pages !! Looks great !


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