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The art center where I took my 6 week class from is having a juries art show that I can submit 2 pictures to hopefully be part of the art show. As you think back through my paintings, which ones stand out to you as my best?? 

More Rocks!!

I'm actually started a painting of something other than rocks!! Its a floral still life. I'll share it as soon as I get it done!! 

Watercolor ROCKS

I need help naming my pictures. I'm thinking the series could be "Mom's (or Ferns) Dream Rockpile" but need names for the pictures. Does any particular rock or feature jump out at you when you look at a picture?

Would also like feedback on color of background and amount of background space between rocks.

Julie's Creative Table is Going Live Once Again

I am restarting my blog!! Yahoo!! I hope to keep you up to date on all my creative endeavors.  There will be a learning curve as I rediscover the basics of blogging, so please bear with me.