PaperDoll Collages!

Guess all those young years playing with paper dolls paid off! I love paper arts and have discovered a new creative way to play with paper.
I've used a variety of papers for the fashions and use newspaper and old encyclopedias for the bodies. It's kind of like bein a sort of fashion designer! I may add some wings to future ones to tie in my love of fairies.
I love the butterflies on this one!
This is the first one I did It's a bigger than the other ones and incorporated some purple to accent the purple wall. Was easier to make a collage to tie in the purple rather than paint the room!
More to come!


  1. Love the fashion collages.....I can see them sprouting wings......and taking flight....we knew that all those paperdolls were going to lead to something wonderful....and I like it that some of them have 'full' skirts...LOL....Love ya, Lee


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