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A Blog Entry at last!!

I am checking to see if I am able to blog from the particular location I am. If this goes through I will be able to blog more often!! It's been way to long!

Fabric Embellishment and Needle Felting

I love texture and love to touch! These were two larger projects that I experimented with fabric embellishment, needle felting, and decorative stitching. I also added beads and buttons as adornments.

I experimented by first hand needle felting different fabrics and yarns to the base fabric. I just continued until I had a pattern I found pleasing and appropriate to the application. Using decorative stitches on my sewing machine and coordinating threads I anchored various elements as well as add texture. Beads, buttons, etc were added at the end.

I did not have my "felting machine" yet when I made these two projects. I was hand felting with 5 needles, like the clover one shown above. You punch the needles through the fabric into a brush like pad and as you punch the clear plastic cover goes up allowing the barbed needles to penetrate the fabric and pull in and out the fibers to mesh it togehter. With my felting machine I probably would not need the decorative stitches to anch…

Paper Arts

I just finished embellishing a 3 ring binder for a friend with paper. She is writing her life memoirs and wanted something to put them in. It was fun to take her wedding picture and some pretty paper and start creating!! I used some paper with roses on it (Goldies favorite flower!) and cut arouun some of it with an exacto knife to allow some of it to spill on to the wedding photo. I printed the wedding picture on regualr photo paper but then tore the edgges to make it look old. I took self laminating sheets and covered the finished cover and back so it can be wiped off occasionaly and the paper won't tear or get stained. I like to add a little ribbon embellishment because I love whimsy!! I've read what she's journaled so far and her life is so interesting. I believe here in the community they are starting a journaling class in February. I think I'll take it!

I always look at the clearance section at Target and various stores for notebooks and notepads that I can create…