Make "Rudy" Garnish for Your Holiday Table!!

Also in the left corner of the picture is a radish mouse. They are fun to make and set around a cheese tray, ....not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!

Get radishes with stems attached. Cut off stem leaving a bit as a nose. Slice a thin slice off the bottom so it'll sit. I poked holes for the eyes with a toothpick and inserted cloves for eyes. Make 2 slits behind the eyes to insert radish slice ears. You can anchor them with a toothpick but I wouldn't recommend doing this if there are children who might be inclined to grab a mouse and eat it. You wouldn't want the toothpick stabbing the inside of their mouths.

In one of the pictues below they've taken one slice and notched it for the ears but I like the larger ears created by 2 separate slices.