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Clay Carnival was FUN!

I enjoyed Clay Carnival and apologize for the dry spell in blogging. Can't believe where the month went! I took 8 half day classes. We set up our "work stations" and left it set up for the 4 days. The teachers then moved from class to class which worked well. We were in a hotel conference room which felt a little strange. When I've taken classes before with Maureen Carlson you are surrounded by oodles and oodles of fantastic creations and the creativity seems to seep through the pores of Maureens studio. It is like you are breathing it in and growing an air of confidence. In the large bleak room I missed that feeling. But I learned a lot and saw many different styles. It was fun to be given the same demonstration and instruction from the teacher and have 14 different things evolve from the students different interpretaions!!

Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg’s Class: “Filigree/Foliage Fusion” was one of my favorite pieces I created. We learned how to make the leaf canes and the…