Spooktacular Menu!!

The neighbor girls and I prepared a "spook"tacular dinner Saturday night! Here's our menu:

First Course: Eyeballs and Lips

Main Course: Monster Stew with Simmering Brains

Vampire Repellent

Werewolf Guts

Spicy Larvae

Dessert: Spiders on a Web

Beverages: Moon Juice

Dracula's Nightly Harvest

Witches Brew
Sounds yummy, huh??!! The girls are so creative coming up with the names.
Here's what we really had, round pear slices topped with kiwi slices, apple wedges with peanut butter and mini-marshmallows in between, chicken & dumplings, garlic bread, pickled beets, & zinger pickles. Dessert was chocolate brownie torte with chocolate filling and we made a white spider web with white chocolate and made spiders from black licorice and chocolate.
We have so much cooking together, and then we invite their folks to join us. They love setting the table and making placecards, creating centerpieces and serving th meal. I'm hopeful I'm creating some awesome entertainers!