My First Polymer Clay piece!

Once again, my mom was the reason for all of this whimsy you're reading!! One weekend visiting my folks in SD, mh mom showed me this awesome polymer clay book she had gotten written by a woman artist she watched occasionally on the Carol Duvall show. As I looked at the information about the author I realized she lived about 30 min south of me! When we looked at her website we realized she had a studio and had classes. That's all it took. My sister and mom and I decided to head down to Jordan and Mushroom Men were the first on the agenda.

This was the first time Maureen had done the mushroom men. She had made large mushrooms but the first time for adding the faces. What fun!! After a torrential rain storm were we ended up in the dirt and rock basement, we fastly became several rounds of "illullulatajuichum" cementeded the friendship or at least the relationship! She would never be rid of us now!!!! Years later when I am at the center I run into people who remembering the singing family. Not that we can sing! But we can certainlyh ave fun! Next I'll share with you about my incredible mentor Maureen Carlson. It's late so I can't go on. But I can't wait~~~~~