Halloween Treats!! BOO!

October means Halloween isn't far behind. Looking for some goulish treats! I made radish eyeballs one year for a party. I peeled them leaving "blood viens" of the radish. I used a coring tool and scooped a hollow out of the top. I added a bit of cream cheese "paste" and glued the olives into the sockets!!! Don't be scared! Just eat your veggies!

I used my apple wedger to cut the candy corn shapes from the sugar cookie cough. I dipped the ends in white chocolate that I had color to. I have made them tinting the cookie dough orange and then dipping them in white and dark chocolate. Fun little cookie treat!

Spiders and mummies, oh no!! Not to fear it is only frosting gumdrops and sprinkles! Meringue cookies work great for pumpkins and ghosts! I just brushed them with corn syrup and spinkled with orange sugar and you can add a stem. Make your own colored sugar in any shade you want!! Add food color to a jar with sugar in it, put the lid on and shake! Open and let dry. One Christmas the neighbor girls and I made a bunch of different colors of sugar and put them in small jars like sand art for Christmas gifts! Useful and inexpensive!!

These are actually bloody fingers! Now you know why the "meringue cookie ghost" is screaming! These were fun to make. I used blanched almonds for the nails and add a bit of food coloring blood. Okay, you didn't really believe me they were real...did you?