These Houses Rock!

(Or at least I think they do! ) When I find a rock I have to set it on all it's different sides until something jumps out at me and I can see the house or building. Bumps might become a bush or a tree and a jagged edge becomes the perfect chimney or a walkway.... My mom got me started painting rocks, she does animals and flowers but the weekend I was at her house, we tried doing some houses. At first I used some wood putty to build up a step or add a particula feature. After doing that on a couple of rocks I liked the idea of leaving the rock in its pure state and no longer add any artificial enhancements.

I do custom rocks as well but that takes a bit more time to find the perfect rock. The 2nd picture is the back of my neighbors house. I've even included the 3 girls in the window and their dog Zoey! I have a friend that grew up working in her dad's grocery store so I've done a grocery store for her and a school for a friend whose husband is a teacher.
I hope you enjoy my rocks as much as I enjoy creating them!