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Fairy Tree

People have been asking about my Fairy Tree that is pictured on my blogsite. It's made from a different type of clay than I usually use. I generally use polymer clay that is baked to harden. I'll be sharing pieces of this in upcoming weeks. For this I used Apoxie Sculpt that is a clay that air drys. An advantage of Apoxie is that you can make pieces bigger than you would be able to fit into an oven to cure.

Apoxie® products are used around the world by sculptors, restorers, miniaturists, hobbyists, crafters, repair persons, and students. The are used in museums, schools, motion picture studios, aquariums, and theme parks. They self-hardening synthetic clays that combine the features and benefits of clay with those of epoxies.. Work time is about 2-3 hours and 24 hours to cure. The instructor said her husband had used some of hers to fix the fender on his car!

To make the tree I started with a solid wood base that I drilled holes at random. I inserted heavy gauge wire into the h…

The Parkway Art Festival

see a slide show of my rocks at!

The day of the Art Festival was beautiful! We got to sit and look at this beautiful tree all day! Unfortunately the traffic was light. I had a great day visiting with my friends Evie, Julie & Cohl. I got lots of positive feedback from browsers about all of my things that I had made. They especially liked the rock houses! I also had embellished journals and beaded bookmarks I enjoyed the experience!

I'm excited for tomorrow!!!

I know I've been quiet this week because I've furiously working as a little house rock factory!! I am so pleased at how they turned out. I'm also selling beaded bookmarks and paper embellished journals at the art festival tomorrow. The car's all packed and now I just hope I can sleep tonight! I'll fill you in on Sunday with my results!

These Houses Rock!

(Or at least I think they do! ) When I find a rock I have to set it on all it's different sides until something jumps out at me and I can see the house or building. Bumps might become a bush or a tree and a jagged edge becomes the perfect chimney or a walkway.... My mom got me started painting rocks, she does animals and flowers but the weekend I was at her house, we tried doing some houses. At first I used some wood putty to build up a step or add a particula feature. After doing that on a couple of rocks I liked the idea of leaving the rock in its pure state and no longer add any artificial enhancements.

I do custom rocks as well but that takes a bit more time to find the perfect rock. The 2nd picture is the back of my neighbors house. I've even included the 3 girls in the window and their dog Zoey! I have a friend that grew up working in her dad's grocery store so I've done a grocery store for her and a school for a friend whose husband is a teacher. I hope you enjoy…

Yummy Salad!

I made this easy salad for dinner the other night. I sliced pickled beets and topped them with some thin slices of sweet onion. I cut an orange in half and segmented it with my grapefruit knife and added orange pieces. I squeed the rest of the orange over the beets, onions, & oranges and topped it all with toasted pecans. Yummy. It's definitely going to be something I make again. Maybe you'd like to try it too!