Fairy Names

I was hosting a sleepover for my neighbor girls several years ago. We watched the musical "Cats" After going to bed for story telling and giggles before we went to sleep, one of the girls mentioned the segment from "Cats" where they explain how they have multiple names, the names that people give them and their own personal names. We decided that we could have 2 names and so set out to determine what our fairy names were. After brainstorming E. decided her fairy name was "Doodles" --which fits quite perfectly! "Sapphire became H. fairy name --again suitable. Then game the hard one, my fairy name. After countless suggestions and tons of laughter, on of them exclaimed, "I've got it!" And Lunatic Lily was christened as my fairy name!!!
I'm not sure how my interest in fairies began. At some point a psychic person told me that I had a "fairy" protector rather than an "angel" watching over me. I was a believer before that but that just cemented it for me.
Oh, yes, the life and times of Lunatic Lily!