Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fairy Names

I was hosting a sleepover for my neighbor girls several years ago. We watched the musical "Cats" After going to bed for story telling and giggles before we went to sleep, one of the girls mentioned the segment from "Cats" where they explain how they have multiple names, the names that people give them and their own personal names. We decided that we could have 2 names and so set out to determine what our fairy names were. After brainstorming E. decided her fairy name was "Doodles" --which fits quite perfectly! "Sapphire became H. fairy name --again suitable. Then game the hard one, my fairy name. After countless suggestions and tons of laughter, on of them exclaimed, "I've got it!" And Lunatic Lily was christened as my fairy name!!!
I'm not sure how my interest in fairies began. At some point a psychic person told me that I had a "fairy" protector rather than an "angel" watching over me. I was a believer before that but that just cemented it for me.
Oh, yes, the life and times of Lunatic Lily!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hey guys! I just got a couple of books you might be interested in. The first one is "Ratio" by Michael Ruhlman. He describes the ratios of ingredients for doughs, batters, sauces and custard. Once you know the ratios it becomes a threshold to thousands of variations. It teaches how the fundamentals of the kitchen: water, flour, butter and oils, milk and cream, and eggs work together. Change the ratio and bread dough becomes pasta dough, cakes become muffins become popovers become crepes. Once you understand the ratio the fun begins as you add ingredients and flavors to the basic recipe.

The second book starts where the last one leaves off. "Ratio" is the basic fundamental and then "the Flavor Bible" begins. This is a collaberation between Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. It lhas about every ingredient you can think of arranged alphabetically followed by an extensive list of compatible flavors. It's kind of like a potion book. If Hogwart's was a culinary school, this would be there textbook! They've interviewed some of America's most imaginative chefs and included their comments.

My opinion is these are great addition to anyone's culinary library. Rather than give you "recipes," both are launch pads for your creativity!
Bon Apetit!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My grand opening!!

Watch out! Here I come stumbling my way into techno world.
I am an artist of whimsy of all the senses.

whim·sy whim·sey (hwĭm'zē, wĭm'-) also n., pl. -sies also -seys.
An odd or fanciful idea; a whim; a quaint or fanciful quality; a fanciful or fantastic creation in writing or art; the trait of acting more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment.

As I look at the world around me, I have determined that my artistic endeavors are all over the place. I am unable (or don't want to ) limit myself to one medium. Through brainstorming with a friend (Thanks Scottie:) I came to the realization that my interests appealed to all the senses.
sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste:
  • culinary arts is a big part of my life. I love food, I love to taste food, I love to try new foods. I love to create food, the only part of food I don't like is cleaning up afterwards! I feel that good cooking is an art.
  • fairies are one of my whimisical loves. I love reading fairy books, I love creating fairy sculputures. I love the feel of the polymer clay in my hands as I work it and feel it go from a resistant hard block into a pliable moldable creation from my imagination. I love to watch as clay come to life in my hands sharing their messages with the world.
  • taking thread and fabric and creating an item of texture is another passion. I let my imagination and intuition dictate the results of my felting and sewing. Sometimes I make wearable art and other times, other times just a fanciful object.
  • another passion of texture leads to paper arts. Cuting, folding, turning, embellishing...
  • I continually amaze & amuse myself as I turn a rock over and over in my hands and visualize the dwelling that it is going to become. The rock through it's shapes and corners and bumps speaks to me and my paintbrush begins creating. I wonder who lives there and many times feel these are my houses for the fairies!

These are some of my passions and loves I am excited to share you bits and pieces of my whimisical art through these musings.

Take care, Julie